HFNE’s approach to mental health issues

About HFNE

The HFNE( Half Full Not Empty) charity is made up of a group of millennials wanting to make an impact on society. We champion the narrative of being proactive about looking after one’s mental health, instead of reactive.

What we do

We provide wellbeing solutions through our self help app, a community managed by licensed counsellors, purpose built video content for schools, mental health workshops for everyone and licensed online counsellors for those who need help now.

We do not only address what to do when negative feelings begin to surface but we highlight what can be done to prevent negative feelings from arising in the first place.

Our wellbeing app

We built and maintain a wellbeing app which provides self help tools which allow you to be more proactive about your mental health by monitoring it through a mood diary and taking part in short exercises which help you better manage your mental health.

We also provide on demand online counselling by certified mental health counsellors for those dealing with anxiety, depression or loneliness.

Our wellbeing app also has a closed community where you can interact with other people, share ideas, offer help and share your thoughts anonymously if you wish. The community is monitored by licensed therapists who are there to provide any help you may need or someone to just talk to.

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Who we support


We provide schools with visual content to educate and equip children on life scenarios, how to deal with them and seek help.

We also encourage them to look after their mental health in a more proactive manner.

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We provide mental health workshops for employers where we provide their employees with the skills to improve their wellbeing and have a more proactive mental health

We also provide Employers with brand awareness and great CSR through their work with us.

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We regularly run wellbeing workshops and provide a student peer programme for universities

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