Become a Corporate Partner

We provide a 90 second clip every week to our partner schools which they play to their students during term time.

These clips go through a thorough design process and are made to subconsciously equip students with the right skills they need to realise difficult moments, equip them with the tools to deal with such moments and seek help.

Working with us will ensure you increase your brand awareness and add to the Corporate social responsibility work you currently undertake. We ensure we do a lot of shouting to increase media attention on the work you do with us in hope that more employers will join the fray.

You can assist our work here by sponsoring this content.

An example clip: Not publicly available at the moment. Please check back later.

Feedback from a focus group of students: Not publicly available at the moment. Please check back later.

Corporate wellbeing workshop

We provide mental health workshops for employers. In this workshops we provide your employees with the skills needed to deal with anxiety, depression, work related stress. The skills we teach allow your employees to take a more proactive approach to their mental health. This means less sick days, less cost and more effective employees.

We can also provide counselling to employees who are going through difficult moments such as alcohol abuse, bereavements etc