HFNE’s school programme

We provide schools with free visual content to help their students look after their mental health in a more proactive manner.

The content is typically in video format and only requires 2 minutes. It can be delivered before or after recess for maximum effect. We also provide worksheets to help analyse the effect of the content at the end of the term.

Our mental wellbeing content for schools

We build special content which is distributed schools across the UK and reaches thousands of students each week. Our content is purposeful and equips children with the skills they need to realise life's difficult moments, wade through them and seek help.

Our content is made to emphasise, equip and educate children on signs, symptoms and general scenarios which they may eventually run into in life. We then educate them on what to do in these scenarios.

We show them the what, how and why in a manner that is non intrusive and allows them to be incredibly equipped to help them selves or potentially a friend suffering from wellbeing issues.

From concept to words, our content takes on average 3 weeks to produce as it requires coordination between several parties to ensure the right message is being sent out.

Who is involved in the content creation process?

  • A psychologist : defines the framework and objectives of the content, creates the scenarios and evaluates the end product
  • A storyboard writer: Drafts a compelling story from the framework given by the psychologist.
  • A visual designer: designs the visual elements taking into consideration colours and characters children are likely to remember.
  • An animator: An animator helps bring things to life by creating animations from the visual designs.
  • and a mental health therapist: The mental health therapist oversees the complete process to ensure the content is inline with our brand objectives and offers value.

Become a partner School

We provide a 90 second clip every week to your school which you can play to your students during term time (preferably before recess).

These clips go through a thorough design process and are made to subconsciously equip your students with the right skills they need to realise difficult moments, equip them with the tools to deal with such moments and seek help.

An example clip: Not publicly available at the moment. Please check back later.